Monday, 26 October 2009

Not much interesting going on

Been a little while again! I have actually done a layout but unfortunately the weather is dreadful we have had the lights on since 3pm so I am not going to get a picture today.

Not much has happened in the last couple of weeks, so I have not taken many photos! However I do have this one of Christopher in his new cricket kit which he is very proud of. I had to sew about 10 inches up as the pants were so long! He is playing matches every Friday night, at the moment it is just the under 9's and Kieran will only start playing with the under 10's after Christmas. That will be it then until spring I think when they will go back to week night training and Saturday matches. Kieran of course is not happy that he has to wait till January to play again but was very happy when Joe asked him to fill in the other night as they were short of players that week and as Kieran has only just turned 9 he could get away with it.

Shame poor Christopher has been so sick the last few days with flu, I was starting to get really worried by last night when his temperature was still raging after 3 days and he was just so ill. He still had a temperature today but much more moderate and he has perked up a bit and started to eat a bit again. Now we just have to hope we don't all get it but that is doubtful, especially as I basically ended up sleeping with him for 2 nights (or not sleeping!) but fingers crossed as we do not want to be sick through another school holiday!

Oooh and some other big news is there is a cybercrop next month on 13th to the 15th! Yay, I just love cybercrops, a whole weekend of scrapping and Paul is always so good with looking after the kids so I can get on with it!

And just because I am not in the slightest bit obsessed here is a picture of my current desktop image ;-)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Just found the most amazing blog candy of a Quickutz Silhouette! It is on the Crafters Kitchen blog and is donated by La Pashe, so head on over there to go and see!

Back! (again..)

Oh dear, another very long gap in between bloggings! Life has been crazy as always and I have not found much time for anything. Plus for the whole of September I had The Mommy and Daddy visiting from SA so was just trying to spend as much time as possible with them! Have also just booked our flights to SA for next year so I am soooooo excited!

Anyway another quick layout I managed to squeeze in and I have started another one for my year in review album (2008 ha ha!) so I will hopefully have that one finished and up very soon. (well one can only hope can't one...)

This is the kidiewinkles receiving their cricket trophies last week. They have been so excited to get these, although you wouldn't say so by the photos would you! (very serious important business you know!) Anyway they are pleased as punch and the trophies now have pride of place in their bedrooms.

Just had to add this photo in as I just love the way that Christopher cuddles on our laps. He had one of his bad nights so was awake and sitting on my lap here. At 7 he is now starting to get a bit big (size wise) to do this really but he just makes himself into a little ball so he will be small enough. He has always been a very affectionate child and loves to sit on your lap etc and I am so not looking forward to him getting too old to do this anymore because I just love it when he comes and cuddles. So I made sure I had a photo to scrapbook and remember it by before that happens.

I did not spill coffee granules all over the child I promise, I am not sure what happened there, all I did was fix the red eye in paint shop and ended up with those brown marks all over the photo and they were definitely not in the original...

Oh and I just had to put these in for the cute factor. We have not been able to put these fold up mattresses back in the loft for a couple of weeks because the kids have been having so much fun playing with them. They have been using them morning and night to watch TV, eat on, play games on etc. This is them after eating their breakfast in them. But alas they really are the most comfortable mattresses (100 times better than blow up ones!) and we did not want them to get ruined so we eventually had to take them away, that and they were driving me crazy sitting in the lounge all day.

And just for The Mommy, here is the latest New Moon trailer!