Monday, 22 February 2010

Yummy New Book!

Look what I just bought!

Besides one monthly magazine I don't often buy scrapbooking books as I think styles and tastes just change too quickly for it to be worth paying out the price of the books as some of them are so expensive. However I jumped at the chance of getting this one, not only because I just love Elizabeth Kartchner's work but also because of the fact that it is based on challenges so even if the current (or just mine!) styles change from any of the examples used in the book the challenges can still be used. Having said that I do find most of Elizabeth's designs quite timeless anyway and will probably still love them in 2 years time and the work of the other scrapbookers in the book looks really great so far too. I haven't looked through all of it yet as I am trying to savour it (does anyone else do that?) but it looks really good so far and I am looking forward to starting some of the challenges, I just need to finish the layout I am currently working on (and because it is me it takes ages...) and then I will start with the first challenge!

We are covered in snow again. I had to pull over on the bottom of our street to let a school bus go past and I then got stuck! The kids wanted me to just leave the car and we could walk home so they could have another snow day, because they have not just had a week of holiday! Anyway I eventually managed to move but then had to park miles away from the school once I got there because I wasn't even going to attempt those roads...

Friday, 19 February 2010

I am still here!

Unfortunately it has been a while since I posted again so I have another picture heavy post! I will start off with some scrapping. I seem to only be doing doubles at the moment, probably because I have so many that need to be done because I prefer doing single pages so tend to let the doubles build up...Anyway here are the latest two I have done and I am busy working on another and then I have promised myself I will do a single just for the sake of scrapping and enjoying it! ;) The first is Kierans first (and only so far) sports day in Reception! I do wish they did it as a regular thing here as I always loved sports days when I was a kid and he thoroughly enjoyed his, but alas they don't....

My April 2008 page, I am only almost 2 years behind ;)

Paul had his 43rd birthday the other day and is suddenly complaining that he is looking old and considering shaving all the gray hair off, but I told him he wasn't allowed!

The kiddiewinkles are dog obsessed so whenever we go to Michael and Leanne's house they almost spend more time playing with the puppy than their cousins! We went and spent the night there as they were actually reasonably free for a change as Michael has broken his foot playing football.

This is my new Twilight puzzle I got to replace the one with missing pieces. I now have 2 because they sent me the wrong replacement so Paul said I should just keep it and order another of the original one! He really is just the sweetest thing sometimes! So this is the finished replacement and it was so much easier than the other one but I am really looking forward to building the other one again now that it has all the pieces (we checked!).

Christopher has had a busy month with lots on. He won the award at Beavers and was pleased as punch.

They had a Circus skills workshop at school so they all had to go in dressed as a clown for the day and learnt things like juggling, plate spinning etc. His favourite was unicycle riding.

He went to his first school disco as well, they start them in reception but we always just thought he was a bit young. It was a dress up one so Christopher insisted on going as Dracula (albeit a kind of toothless one!) he also won a prize for his outfit. They have separate discos for the infants and juniors but Kieran didn't get to go to this one as he had a cricket match. As the school is so far away and I wasn't 'allowed' to stay I had to sit in the car with a DS and a blanket because it was freezing and too dark to read a book. The things we do for out kids....

Less photos of Kieran unfortunately as I wasn't at the cricket match and Paul doesn't like to take the camera with, but he is very pleased with himself as with moving up to the next age group he is now using the proper bats and corky balls so he got a new bat, shin pads, arm pads, gloves and all the other paraphernalia you need and a bag on wheels to keep it all in. He also moved up to the next colour cap for swimming and got his 50m badge. This is him riding his new bike that he got for Christmas, at least his knees don't almost touch his ears anymore :)

This is what I am currently reading and I am really enjoying it. It flows really nicely and is very easy reading. I seem to be very into these 'teen' reads at the moment, as I have also just ordered Hush, hush from Amazon and have Fallen on my birthday list, maybe I am trying to re-capture my teenage years ;)