Monday, 19 December 2011

Snow and a Snowfall Layout!

Well although it has snowed a few times in the last week none of it has settled but we had our first thickish snow on Friday night and then again on Saturday night much to the childrens delight!  I on the other hand wasn't quite so delighted as although Kieran broke up on Friday, Christopher still has a few days of school left and I hate driving in the snow!!!  Luckily it rained on Sunday and melted the snow enough to make the roads driveable :)

Of course the kids (ok and the adults) had lots of fun in the snow while it was there!  So this is a very photo heavy post! First Kieran throwing snowballs in the backyard!

This is Christopher with his Snowbean which is an 'Epic Snowbean' that you plant when it snows and then it gives you snow in July!
And he even built a fort for the snowbean....

Then of course we had to go sledding!

Then the kids used thier father as a cart horse before pummeling us both with snowballs!

Christopher also made some snow angels :)

And I even let Paul take a photo of me with the kids!

So after all that snow I have a quick and easy snowy layout using the beautiful Snowfall range!

Supplies Used : 
Patterned Paper : Snowfall Wintertime, Snowfall Cut-outs/Snowfall ; Enchanted Rose, Enchanted Fairytales/Enchanted
Cardstock : Aquamarine Co-ordinating Double Dot
Stickers : Snowfall Combo Stickers
Trinkets : Snowfall Trinkets
Jewels : Snowfall Jewels ; Enchanted Jewels
Ribbon : 5/8" Aquamarine Double Dot Ribbon

Well it is less than a week till Christmas and I am sooo disorganised, I haven't even started wrapping presents, although I have pretty much bought everthing and the food is organised.  We have at least put the tree up although that is the only decorations up really except for the Christmas beanies that the kids love so much :) 

Although I have a couple of other things to upload, just incase I don't make it back on before Christmas as often happens these days, I hope everyone that celebrates it has a wonderful, happy Christmas with all your loved ones! :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Life and a Winter Layout

I am going to start with a few photos of little bits from the last few weeks as I have not really done many for ages! 

So first up, Kieran went to his first football match!  The poor child, neither of his parents are football watchers so we have never taken him to any sort of games but his school got some tickets to a Manchester United game and offered them at a fantastic price to the kids who play football.  I think it was 32 kids and 8 teachers that went, of course Kieran was totally thrilled because Man U is his team and he really enjoyed himself, especially as it was on a school night so he got to stay up late!  So here he is all ready to leave, wearing his Man U shirt of course :)

More football!  Christopher had his first school match recently.  Although he played a bit of football at school last year he has only started taking it seriously this year and has been trying really hard so he can play as a goalkeeper on the school team.  So here he is in the school goalkeeper jersey, very pleased with himself :)

Next is a photo of Kieran and his experiment for school for a safe landing device!  They were given the assignment to design and make a vehicle for landing safely with an egg as a passenger and the egg had to survive the fall!  So this is what Kieran made (ahem late the night before as he designed it and then forgot to make it...) and it was a success!  The little pod which was a flower pot and a plastic tub is very well lined with cotton pads and paper towels!  I would have thought the whole parachute thing would have been pretty standard but apparently not according to Kieran and his was the only egg that survived the landing so they then had to go and launch it off the top of the 3 story school building!  So needless to say he was very pleased with himself too :)

We went to Ikea a couple of weeks ago and while we were there we picked up a couple of their gingerbread houses because I knew the kids would love to decorate one.  Paul's parents came to stay with us for a few days to look after the kids while we went to our concert and while they were there the kids asked Grandma to do the gingerbread house with them.  I must say I was soooo glad that Grandma was there to do it with them because it looked like such hard work and of course the kids went just a tiny bit overboard with the sweets (the ones that went onto the house and the ones that went into their stomachs)  ;)

Trust me every inch of that roof is covered in sweets!  The silly looks on the faces is probably from a severe sugar high!

Then I have a layout to share that went on the Bo Bunny blog last week using one of the older collections, Midnight Frost, still one of my favourites!  This is actually a photo that I have scrapped before on a double layout.  I don't often use photos twice but I do love this photo as I don't have many nice ones of me and the kids as I have a tendency to hide when a camera is pulled out.

I don't know if you can see it in these pics but the swirls and snowflakes were done with silver embossing powder and I do love the effect! :)

Products Used :
Patterned Papers : Powder, Crystals, Stripe / Midnight Frost
Cardstock : Powder Blue Dot
Chipboard : Glitter Midnight Frost Layered Chipboard
Noteworthy : Midnight Frost
Stamps : Midnight Frost Stamps
Brads : Midnight Frost
Rub-ons : Midnight Frost 

Well that is it for today and I really should go to bed to catch up on some lost sleep, I hope everyone is having a great week! :)