Saturday, 19 April 2014

See It, Pin It, Do It!

Ok it took a while but I am finally getting around to joining in my friend Fiona's fun new monthly SIPIDI! We all have bucket loads of pin, pinned to various Pintrest boards (go on admit it, you know you are one of us) that we plan to use in whatever way, 'one day' when we have the time.  But I think most people are just too busy and very rarely get around to browsing through their pins and choosing some to try, I know I am!  So I loved Fiona's idea of trying out at least one of our pins and then posting it and linking with her once a month. It will be fun to see how other peoples SIPIDI's turn out too as there are so many things that look good but don't turn out that wonderfully when actually attempted.

So anyway, this month I am sharing two recipes that I have tried.  I am a total foodaholic so I have quite a few boards full of various recipes so they are probably the things I will try the most often :)  The first one is for pulled pork which is one of my favourite things to eat :) :) :)  This was really delicious and has become a regular favourite in our house now.  I mostly stick to the recipe but I do add around half a can of coke to the slow cooker too. At the end I don't use two full cups of barbecue sauce as my hubby would find that way too sweet, so I mix barbecue sauce and some of the cooking juices in to taste and it is delicious and moist. The recipe can be found here

I am a huge fan of different salads, especially when they contain fruit and or nuts so I was very excited when I found this salad and couldn't wait to try it.  It was nice but I was a bit disappointed (maybe my expectations were just crazily high!) I think that might have been because I couldn't use exactly the same ingredients...  I didn't like the Romaine lettuce, I had to attempt to make my own poppy seed dressing and of course vinaigrette's will all differ in taste.  I will probably try it again but maybe use plain old iceberg lettuce and find some already made poppy seed dressing and possible add more feta cheese and bacon because you can never have too much of those and they compliment the sweetness of the fruit and dressings really well.  The recipe can be found here

Okay I am now really hungry after all of that so I am off to find some breakfast! You can find all the original information about joining in the SIPIDI on Fiona's blog here and her pintrest board with everyone's pins here.

On another note I have a new digi kit up at Digidesignresort called Quirky Bird, the rest of the images and details can be found on my other blog here.  I will be putting a freebie from this kit up soon too on the Yours & Mine Facebook page!
I hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend! :)

Monday, 24 February 2014

New Venture

I had decided to take a short break from blogging and most scrapbooking for a while but I hadn't intended for it to be quite for quite sooooo long lol!  I have been busy though, learning photoshop and and creating digital scrapbooking kits!

My Mom has been doing digital scrapbooking and on the design team for a scrapbooking shop for a while now and she decided that she wanted to start designing kits and asked if I would like to go into it with her. So we are now working together under the design name of Yours & Mine and our kits are being sold at Digidesignresort.  We have also started up a blog called Yours & Mine Design Studio which can be found here.  I have just put my first kit called Serenity up in the shop, there is a preview below but for some more previews and a little freebie to go with the kit head over to the Yours & mine blog.