Thursday, 29 April 2010

RAK's, paintings and flowers!

One of my favourite scrappers is having a fab giveaway on her blog Life and Times of a 12x12 Addict

I bought the most beautiful painting for our lounge the other week, I just love it as it has so much texture and is the perfect colours for the lounge. I have been 'planning' on doing some paintings for the house for a few years now but never get around to it and I have not painted any pictures for years now, the most I have done is a few pencil portraits so when I saw this gorgeous painting I decided to just give up and buy one, I bet I will suddenly have an overwhelming urge to start painting again now. :)

I have been lucky enough to be completely surrounded by flowers at the moment! I bought a few bouquets for my mom while she was here and then I got the first 2 bouquets and the pot plant from my DH for our 13 year anniversary. The last bouquet he bought me on the way home from dropping my parents off at the airport to cheer me up. Isn't he just the sweetest :) I was having to get creative with vases in the end!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Challenges and Cybercrops

This is a very picture heavy post! I am having a very bad week and decided to do some scrapbooking to occupy my mind and remembered that I had found a site called Sketchy Thursdays that I have been wanting to try and have just not had the time recently. So anyway I has a look and tried their latest sketch below.

I really loved this sketch so I enjoyed doing the layout and do love the result which I kept very simple because I loved the clean look of the sketch.

We had a cybercrop this weekend past on UKScrappers. I only did a few of the classes as I just was not up to scrapping this weekend due to one thing and another but these are the classes I did complete. This one was called The Strand by Sarah Youde which I loved!

This one was Angel Islington by Angie Woolfall, which was a totally gorgeous frame class.

This was the first one I did called Bow street by Sarah Palmer, which was loads of fun to do.

These are the two layouts I did for the mystery kit beforehand, my teams kits were from The Craft Emporium and the kit was very scrummy. Unfortunately I didn't have the time or inspiration this time to play with it so I only did these 2 layouts and a card.

This was the layout I did for the pre-crop challenge which was supposed to be of someone who has been a big part or influence in your life. I chose to do my little Granny as she lived with us from when I was really small and has been a big part of my life, so many of my childhood memories include my gran and I have always loved her to bits. Unfortunately she died on Tuesday morning at the age of 87, I am quite gutted (hence the trying to keep my mind occupied) and I am now so glad that I did this layout of the 2 of us, even though it sets me crying every time I see it as it is still up in my scrap room.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Quick one!

Well I have really not been very good at updating recently and there has just been so much going on! This is just a quick post to show how spoiled rotten I was for my birthday! I got this fabby laptop from DH which I am just thrilled about as our old laptop took up to 45 minutes to even start up so I never used to use it anymore. I also got loads of seeds from the kidiewinkles to make lots of flowers in the garden for mommy :)

I also have my parents staying with us at the moment which is of course the best birthday present! This was my favourite present from them because of course I am only slightly Twilight obsesses! The tin is really gorgeous and so are the books, I will never write in them of course, just stroke them every now and again ;)

This is the gorgeous card I received from the girls in the Twilight Addicts group over on UKScrappers. We do a birthday fairy and this card was made by the talented Jane

One thing updated! I will try and be good and get on later or tomorrow to add some more.