Friday, 9 April 2010

Quick one!

Well I have really not been very good at updating recently and there has just been so much going on! This is just a quick post to show how spoiled rotten I was for my birthday! I got this fabby laptop from DH which I am just thrilled about as our old laptop took up to 45 minutes to even start up so I never used to use it anymore. I also got loads of seeds from the kidiewinkles to make lots of flowers in the garden for mommy :)

I also have my parents staying with us at the moment which is of course the best birthday present! This was my favourite present from them because of course I am only slightly Twilight obsesses! The tin is really gorgeous and so are the books, I will never write in them of course, just stroke them every now and again ;)

This is the gorgeous card I received from the girls in the Twilight Addicts group over on UKScrappers. We do a birthday fairy and this card was made by the talented Jane

One thing updated! I will try and be good and get on later or tomorrow to add some more.

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Alison said...

Hope you had a great day! A fantastic haul - I like the pictures in that corner, too and some superb layouts further down below.