Thursday, 25 April 2013

House Hunting

Ok I did say Tuesday or Wednesday yet here it is Thursday!  To be fair I did start typing this last night and then Christopher suddenly rushed out of bed to the bathroom with a horrible tummy bug and my post went out the window!  The poor dear was up most of the night and has been sick all day and as miserable as anything and the only thing he could stomach was water and Rooibos Tea.

Anyway in preperation of our move went away to do some house hunting and visit some schools recently.  But of course we also had a bit of time to take in some local sights and for a bit of fun for the kids :) Warning, this is a very picture heavy post!

Of course we had to go to the beach and I took lots of photos and then made the kids stop and pose for one.  I got a couple of nice ones where they were both looking a me at the same time and smiling...

 But of course with my kids (as with most) this is what most of the pictures looked like....
 We went and played some Putt Putt seeing as it was right around the corner from the hotel.
 Note the looney tune in the background that is just par for the course (pardon the bad pun) in this family

Then to the kids absolute delight we went Go Carting, which they loved!

Of course Paul and Kieran had to start getting competitive and racing each other which Paul found very amusing.
Christopher on the other hand just drove around at his own pace and enjoyed himself.  He did however give me some very valid reasons as to why he should never be allowed a driving license as per the evidence below... This one is blurry but you get the picture, taking his hand off the steering wheel to wave to his mother and just as he was about to go around a corner!

Next he was worrying about fixing his helmet whilst once again driving with one hand!
The last piece of photographic evidence is how he has accidentally swerved off the main track most probably because he was driving with one hand and he is still merrily whistling to himself quite unperturbed...

As I said this is just the things I happened to catch on camera, there were a few other occasions including when he went full throttle into the pitt at the end so that everyone from Paul to the guy who runs the carts to the general public standing on the side where shouting 'Whoa slow down!'.  I had a total heart attack although he did manage to stop in time without hitting anything and didn't get what all the fuss was about.  So yup I have informed him that he will not be getting a license ever :)

We then went to visit Nothe Fort where Christopher immediately slammed his finger in the car door and took all the skin above his nail off!  The sweet little old ladies that run the fort seemed to enjoy coddling and  bandaging him up and I think once he got over the initial pain he enjoyed all the attention! This is the gardens outside the fort.

The kids just loved this old motorbike

 Playing soldiers....

Christopher was clearly a monkey in a previous life and climbs everything in sight.  He ran off ahead and climbed up on this gun then sat down for me to take a photo.  Only when I zoomed in to take the photo did I notice the 'Do Not Climb' sign right next to him!  Now I wonder if he saw it and ignored it or really didn't notice it....

 The views from everywhere on the fort were amazing!

 More guns!  The kids of course just loved all the guns, cannons and anti aircraft guns.

 After we were finished at the fort we went pack to the little amusement park by our hotel and the kids went on the sack slides for a while...

They then went on these hurricanes which were so cool although Kieran seemed to have way to much fun bashing into his brother and getting him stuck in a corner before he even had a chance to work out his controls and move out!

Anyway it is getting late and as I got hardly any sleep last night because I was up and down with C I am totally shattered so I think I should head off to bed!

Before I go... Bo Bunny has teamed up with Clearsnap for a little blog hop with some fantastic prizes so if you would like a chance to win them and see the gorgeous items the girls have made for it then head over to the Bo Bunny blog.  I hope everyone has a great Friday and a fantastic weekend! :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Sweet 16

Oh my gosh it has been almost a month since my last post which is totally crazy!  But then no surprises there as things are extra, extra crazy at the moment with all the moving sorting out going on!   It is two weeks until we move and we have been manic trying to find a house, see schools and get the house etc in order before we go! :)

For today I am just going to share a layout I did for Bo Bunny.  We had to do a layout in under an hour which for me is virtually impossible as I am a dreadfully slow scrapper but I actually did this one in under 45 minutes because I was literally running out the door to go away on a trip and I still needed to photograph, edit and upload it!  I did want to add some machine stitching to it too on the strips and the frame which would have still made it under an hour but I was already late (everyone was waiting for me lol) so I just had to leave it.

Products used:

Bo Bunny Prairie Chic Chevron, Wanderlust, Garden patterned Paper
Bo Bunny Prairie Chic Petals
Bo Bunny Prairie Chic Noteworthy
Bo Bunny Prairie Chic Brads
Bo Bunny Stained Textures Stamps
Prima Mask 882020
Tattered Angels Cranberry Zing Glimmer Mist
American Express thickers
Washi Tape

That is me 20 years ago, hmm must have been a typical sullen teenager seeing as I couldn't even smile for the photo lol.  Anyway that is it for today and I will be back tomorrow or Wednesday with some photos from our house hunting trip, for now I am off to go and have a clear out of some children's toys (oh joy).  I hope everyone has a great week! :)