Friday, 1 January 2010

Lots of pictures!

Well it really has been ages since I have blogged so I have loads of photos to put up! I will put up some Christmas photos later but there were just way to many photos for one post! Of course we have been having loads of snow, more than we have ever had before so here are a few pics of the snow and the kids sledding. We found a really good hill for them to sled down and Paul took them there everyday for a few days, they just loved it. This was the week before Christmas, although as I am sitting here typing this the snow is bucketing down outside and has been for the last few hours so the snow is just building up....

Even Paul and I had a few goes and I almost knocked my poor child flying! He suddenly ran down in front of me and then fell, I think I pulled a tummy muscle trying to avoid him and he winded himself quite badly so we had to go home after that! Parents on sleds.....
This is Paul's new car that he had to wait so long for and then the idiot driver crashed into it because of all the snow, on the very first day he owned it! We will wait to see what they do with it after they evaluate it on the 11th. It is one of the shiniest cars I have ever seen! Paul says it is because it has an extra clear lacquer over it.

And this is my most gorgeousist, cutest car ever! My first ever new car! See it is just gorgeous and because it is so small, it is only £35 road tax a year, cheaper insurance (although the mag wheels and spoiler up it a bit!) and less petrol. I also don't have to hassle with MOT's for a few years! Unfortunately I have only got to drive it once due to all the snow, we just don't want to risk taking it out, especially after what happened to Paul's car and that was at least on his work insurance this would be on ours. So I just have to go outside and say hello to it everyday ;).

These are my prizes from the cybercrop. Sarahs cards gave me a £20 voucher to spend in her shop and this is what I chose. I was going to order an album but as usual I just cant resist pretty paper! I had to get the MME stomp for Christopher's dinosaur obsession which I have wanted to scrap for ages. I just adore the Bella Blvd Honey I am home range so had to get those which I want to do a 'week in the life' type mini book and that stamp that goes with it is adorable! I also got some extra super stud to go with what is left of my mystery kit!

These are all the gorgeous flowers I got from Creative Treasures, I just love blooms, and I really love the embossed ones. My flowers were starting to get low so this one came at the perfect time!

Will try (but probably won't knowing me!) to put the Christmas pictures up later.

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