Friday, 16 March 2012

Fast Friday and Restaurant Quality Puddings!

We have just changed internet providers and due to some mess up we have been without internet or phone since Monday!!  I swear it was like the end of the world or being sent back to the dark ages lol!  You never realise just how much you need something until it is not there.  But thank goodness it is finally back up after much shouting and arguing with the new provider so I can't really see us staying with them too long...
Today's post on the Bo Bunny Blog is Fast Friday and I have a 2 page layout for it.  A quick easy layout to put together with just a few strips of paper and punched edge strips and then the journaling that I printed out and cut into strips.  It is just a few highlights and favourite photos from 2011 and I used some alphabet stickers to link the photos and journaling strips up.  Then just a chipboard title covered in paper and the Ad Lib Dimensional Stickers and Layered chipboard for the rest of the title.  The photos were printed out on my little Kodak Pogo printer which is so fun as the photos are also stickers so you just peel the back off and stick them down! 


Although I am not a huge fan of cooking I am a huge fan of food and spend a lot of time watching cooking shows and looking for new recipes to try.  One of my favourite shows is Masterchef Australia, it is just a totally brilliant show to watch and is on 6 days a week when it is running.  It has now become a firm favourite in our house and the whole family watches it and chooses their favourites and we wait to see if one of our favourites will win.  Anyway both of my kids love to cook (don't know where they got that from!) and Christopher thought up these special cakes that he wanted to make for us that had to be 'restaurant quality' as he put it.  

So when his Grandma and Grandad came over he made them for us and they were very yummy and very sweet!!  They had whipped cream and jam in the middle, melted chocolate and a cherry on top, an artistic 'restaurant quality' smear of custard underneath and then a sprinkling of icing sugar!

Man that child is so cute sometimes, don't you just love the serious look on the face and the intense concentration!  Well I have said many times that maybe I should have married a chef as I love food so much, so maybe one of my kids will become a chef and can cook me lots of yummy food in my old age ;)

I am so excited at the moment firstly because my parents arrive tomorrow from South Africa for a month long visit and I haven't seen them for a year.  Secondly we have also just booked tickets to go and see Guns & Roses in May!  Definitely a band that brings back my teenage years!  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! :)


Cindy Gay said...

Your layout yearly synopsis is so nice! Very thorough. And those little cakes look great! Our youngest son is Christopher (he is 19). Your Christopher made a great looking plate!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Your lo is GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeeeeee all the photo and the way you did the title! AND those CAKES look soooooooo YUMMY!!!

My simple life said...

Great layout. love the pictures thats so cute!! Hope you have a great time with your parents :)

Helen Tilbury said...

What a great read Carin & a lovely layout! So sorry for your internet frustrations - nothing worse!! And oh what a cute story and those cakes look TASTY!!!