Thursday, 31 May 2012

Little Miss and Guns n Roses!

I finally had a chance to play with the new Bo Bunny Little Miss range, I have had it a few weeks but have not had a chance to play with it until now!  This range is so gorgeous and girly and I totally adore it!  This layout was for a focus on chipboard assignment and the chipboard with this range is sooo cute and easy to use :)

The photo is my little sister when she was little, wasn't she cute! :)

Bo Bunny Supplies Used :
Patterned paper : Gracie, Jaquoya, Cut outs, 6x6 Paper Pad/Little Miss
Cardstock : Coordinating Double Dot in Chocolate Vintage
Chipboard : Little Miss 12x12 Chipboard
Stickers : Sweet Girl Cardstock Stickers, Dimensional Stickers/Little Miss
Brads : Little Miss
Jewels : Little Miss
Stamps : Little Miss; Camp-A-Lot 

We went to a Guns n Roses concert on Tuesday night.  I was really looking forward to it as Guns n Roses are definitely a big band from my youth! :)  It was good but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I could have because of course as seems to be the norm for them they only came on at 11:15pm so they didn't finish until 2:15am and I was so tired and we had to get up for work and school runs the next day so we eventually gave up and left just after 1:30am.  Maybe if it had of been a weekend I could have coped with it better but I am clearly to old for that because I was shattered the whole of yesterday lol.  The actual music, sound and lighting was really good but I felt there were way too many instrumentals in between songs.  Yes the people doing the instrumentals are amazingly talented but there were just too many!  Anyway here are a few photos from the night.  We were sat way at the back because we like a direct view and I only took the small camera because I didn't want to lug the big one around so the pictures aren't amazing but I still like to take some each time!

This was how it opened!

 This is one of the times Axl looked more normal with just a hat on, he has taken to wearing some very strange hats and glasses with a handle bar moustache.  I couldn't stand the look, he looked 100 times better the couple of times he ditched them!


There were lots of effects and fire puffs etc

Thin Lizzy was the opening act and they were really good :)

All in all the concert was good and definitely something I wanted to experience as after all it was Guns n Roses (well a couple of them anyway!) but I don't think I would go again as I don't think there is any appreciation for the fans, especially as about 6000 apparently left way before the end because it was just too late!  What I am really looking forward to is the Nickelback concert we have booked for November and they have Daughtry supporting them which is another of my favourite bands :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I was a huge G'N'R fan back in their heyday... I can't believe they went on that late... I would have been exhausted too!! I read an article about Axl in People Magazine recently...and he is a little more eccentric than I ever thought he was before! LOL!!

Love love love your lo!! Your sister's photo is sooooooo sweet and loving how you used the chipboard!!

Kim Sonksen said...

Dude I SO hear ya on the lateness of the gigs...I mean c'mon in which universe is 11:15 acceptable to start?
Anyway, the pictures are ace and I am glad that overall you enjoyed it. Thin Lizzy are wicked live :)
And what a super cute layout of your sister

Oh and I am so with you on the instrumental bits...if I wanted to see the musicians showing off what they can do I'd go see a jazz band without a singer :)

KraftyKaren said...

Great pics and love the layout.

Thankfully the bands I follow have so much respect for their fans they would never dream of treating them in this way. It is such a shame when a band behaves this way - almost like they have forgotten who helped to put them where they are now. Hope Nickleback is a much better experience for you xx

Louise said...

I would have had trouble holding out for the concert too Carin. Great layout, love the papers x

Cindy Gay said...

Love the layout of your little sister! Enjoy your weekend!

Alison said...

Superb layout of your sis, Carin - you've picked the perfect photos for those papers. Great job! And agree re the concert ... far too late for me, and on a school night too, lol ...

Lisa said...

Great lo Carin and such a cute pic too.

Such a shame about the late start of the concert and tbh I think I would have prob left before the came on stage but Thin Lizzy!! I would have loved to have seem them!

Hope you are feeling better now love and enjoying the long weekend too

Lisa xx

Helen Tilbury said...

Such a cute layout! I read "Little Miss Guns and Roses" and was looking at it for the guns and the roses LOL!! Then I saw the photos and realised I'd misread it!! ooooohh Sweet Child of Mine!!! Looks like a fab concert but yes, a bit stupid to have it on in the middle of the night, we can't all keep rock star hours!!! Your photos are pretty fabbo for a point and shoot!!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Now that is a concert I would have liked to attend. I'm with you though, I can't take those late nights anymore.