Thursday, 19 July 2012

Doodling and a Countdown!

Well it has been a while since my last post again for various reasons although to be honest I have not had all that much time to scrapbook anyway so I have only really been working on a commission and not much else!  Unfortunately I also had a car accident a few days ago so have been too sore to scrapbook since then too.  Luckily I just have whiplash, lots of bruises and a couple of pulled muscles but unfortunately I can't say the same about my little car :(  Anyone who knows me well will know how much I love my little car, Paul always jokes that if he had to win the lottery he wouldn't bother buying me a new car because I love mine too much :)   Anyway the guy who hit me drove into the side of me and did quite a bit of damage including breaking the front axle so now we are just waiting to see whether the insurance will fix it or just scrap it.  I am going to be so traumatised if they scrap it! 

So the only other scrapping I have done is this layout for Bo Bunny where we had to do some doodling.  I always love layouts that people have doodled on and think it adds a wonderful personal touch.  I used Bo Bunny On The Go for it as I thought is was the perfect range to use for doodling!

I also just had to share these photos of my son who is 9 and his little countdown to our holiday in South Africa.  He made it a few weeks ago and everyday he draws a different little face in one of the boxes counting down.

 It is a bit wrinkled from where he scrunched it up one day in a temper tantrum lol but I ironed it out as much as I could for him.
 A few close cute are those planes and the little air traffic controller!

 Just love that luggage truck!
 Here is a close up of a few of the faces, lots of made up ones but also some from Minecraft, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Phineas and Ferb and Portals.  I just love the little explanation next to each week like the 'going soon', 'getting ready' and 'packing the bags'

Isn't it just sooo cute!  I love his enthusiasm and excitement for everything and how he is always drawing something for everything that is currently happening in his life!

Speaking of countdowns we will be leaving for out holiday to South Africa soon so I will probably not be posting for a few weeks again and I am not sure if I will get to post again before we leave.  I plan on doing some bloghopping tomorrow as I have not done that for at least a week and will probably not get to visit anyone while I am away either so don't go doing anything that I would want to see while I am away! ;)


Cindy Gay said...

I love the layout. Happy colorful tribute to a fun BD. Also love your 9 year old's countdown drawings. So sorry about the wreck and hope you feel better bu the vacation.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So sorry to hear about your accident!!!! But I am so happy you are ok!! I love love love your lo!!!! LOVING the big "3" and your doodles!! And loveeeeeeeee his countdown sheet!! He is a great artist!!!!

Louise said...

glad to hear you are ok after your accident and have a super holiday to look forward to. Have fun.

Amazing vibrant layout.

Kim Sonksen said...

The layout is gorgeous and I ADORE the cool and I love your son's enthusiasm for it.
Bummer to hear about your accident but thankfully you weren't hurt too bad. Recover soon and enjoy SA

KraftyKaren said...

Gorgeous layout - wish i was brave enough to doodle on my layouts!!

Hope the car can be saved and hope the bruising and whiplash is now subsiding.

Your son's planner is fab!!

Have a wonderful time in South Africa xx

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh my goodness Carin! So sorry to hear about your accident and so happy to hear that you are generally okay. Still sorry that you are not 100% and are stiff and sore right now :( Nothing that our physio at Umhlanga Hospital can't sort out though - winks! Let me know if you are able to meet up and what your e mail address is if you are - then I can send you my cell no and we can "maak 'n plan!" would love to see you!! That calendar is fantastic!!

Lisa said...

Love the lo of C... he looks so cute there and I cannot believe the length of his hair on the next pic of him drawing faces ont the countdown! Glad you had a great time there and really sad about your car but at least you are mobile again now!