Saturday, 29 September 2012


I am a bad, bad blogger! :)  Totally crazy week and I don't even have anything crafty to put up because everything I either can't show or I have not got around to photographing yet lol.  So this post is just lots of random things!

It was Christopher's birthday this week.  I don't have any good pics of him blowing out his candles as we had a party for him today at one of these Laser tag places and it was dark and there were too many kids getting in the way! (if I am honest I was also just in a rush to get it over with so that everyone could get cake and go home when normally I would relight the candles until I got a good photo, such a patient mommy :) ) I am sooo to old for kids birthday party's and boys are just so hyper and seriously can scream even louder than girls!  I think he liked his big present.... :)

 I got a new toy this week as well.  I have always had a pay as you go mobile phone but we decided to get contracts as it works out better in the end.  I pretty much just use my phone for calling and texts but I decided I wanted a phone that could take decent photos as I often want to take photos when I don't have my camera with me as it is just so big!  I would have loved an iphone but can't afford that so this was the next best thing as far as photos and price range go, a Samsung Galaxy S2 and so far I am having lots of fun with it.


But just look at the gorgeous case my hubby found for me !  Isn't it just the cutest cover ever!  I totally adore it and think I am going to have to order another one for incase this one ever breaks because I love it soo much.  It was also only £1.75 so perfect excuse to have an extra one ;)

Then I was busy looking at my Pintrest boards and was laughing at some of them and decided to add those here too!  This one always makes me laugh because I do this...

This one is me all over too and I have a habit of going to bed after hubby is already asleep and finding some random thing amusing and then trying so hard not to laugh out loud that I of course end up snorting and cackling and waking my poor hubby up!  I think he is used to it now though :)
Lastly for tonight I am going to share another song I love, well actually two because I couldn't decide which of these two to put up lol.  First up is Stone Sour with Hesitate, love this song, especially the end bit :)  Stone Sour is out here in November but unfortunately I can't go because we won't have any baby sitters as my parents in law are going to South Africa for 3 months.  At least P will be going though with my SIL and nephew as he is a bigger fan than I am :)

The next one is from Slash and is called Starlight.  Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge is singing and I decided to put the live version on simply because Myles Kennedy is awesome live.  We went to the Alter Bridge concert last year and it was definitely one of the best I have been to, they are brilliant live.  Slash is here in October and we really wanted to go and tried to get tickets for that but the concert was sold out in the first 2 minutes just from pre-sales and these places that buy loads of tickets and then sell them at double the price, sooooooo irritating!

 Ok I have probably rattled on more than enough for one night....I hope everyone is having a great weekend and the rest of it is wonderful too! :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks like you have been having fun!!! LOVING your new phone case!!! And I LOVE Slash!!!!!!! And it's ALMOST time for Breaking Dawn 2!!!!!!!!! Can't WAIT!!!

Jess said...

Happy birthday Christopher! I'd like to see Slash, beautiful song I've just downloaded it lol!xx

Louise said...

looks like you have been busy! Nice phone and the cover is definitely need another just in case x

Helen Tilbury said...

How nice to have a random post from you! Really enjoyed reading it and will be listening to the vids now - never heard of either of them but Drive By is one of my fave songs now since you introduced it to me last time :)))

Julia said...

Love those quotes and wow that was a bargain phone cover and so pretty too!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

ROFL!! I just popped by to get your blog link for the hop Saturday and saw your clapping seal quote....LOVE IT!!! ROFL!

Hey, I got a copy of an Aussie scrapping mag and saw more of your work in it!!! Awesome work hon! Congrats!!

Gabi xo