Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Misc Me and Moved!

Ok well bit of a jump because I have gone from house hunting to moved!  I am such a bad blogger but to be honest it was all done rather quickly which in some ways was really good because I didn't have too much time to think about it and start panicking (I am not someone who likes change too much) but it also means that it was pretty hectic getting everything organised!

The poor movers were rather stressed because I think I may be a bit of a hoarder lol (and so are the kids who never want to give toys up even when they have outgrown them).  That was fine at our old house because we had lots of built in cupboards to store all my stuff neatly in and we had a spare bedroom but the new house is a bit lacking in the storage department.  So needless to say I am having a very difficult time trying to unpack and get everything where it should be especially as we currently have no cupboards!

We have definitely moved to an amazingly beautiful part of the country and I will have to get a few photos up soon :)  Anyway now I am rambling when this was supposed to just be a quick post!  I haven't done too much scrapping except for a couple of magazine layouts so today I am sharing the start of my Misc Me 2013 album.  I am even using the write up I gave for the Bo Bunny blog because it is quicker! :)

I have decided to use mine to document our year month by month and so far I have only done January and February as we are in the middle of a house move. I wanted to keep my album quite clean and simple so it will be quick and easy to do and I will be more likely to be able to keep up with it!

I haven't decided what I want to do with my month dividers yet so for the moment I have just left them blank.

I am going to try and keep it simple but I already see a few more details starting to creep in on my February page as it is just so fun, so I am not sure how long that will last! I was originally going to use a different collection for each month but in the end decided to just use whatever went with the photos on that page so I have used a mixture of collections and some of the cute little inserts that come with the Misc. Me packages.

Bo Bunny Supplies Used:

Patterned Paper : Family Is; Mama-Razzi2; Snow Day
Misc. Me : Graphic Weekly Contents, Graphic Note Paper
Stamps : Mama-Razzi2; Family Is; Smoochable; On This Day Stamp
Stickers : Snow Day
Rub Ons : Snow Day

Anyway that is it for tonight and now I really need to go and get some sleep as I am shattered and I still have all sorts of unpacking and running around to do tomorrow plus the kids are still at home until the council finalizes thier school places.  I will try to do some blog hopping tomorrow, I am very out of the loop with everything! :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yayyyyyyyy for the new house!! Can't wait to see pics!! And love love love love your pages!! They are fabulous!!! LOVING your new hair!!!!

Lynn said...

I love what your doing with the Misc. Me album, it's so fun to see all the photos. I can imagine what fun your having unpacking, that's the part I don't like either. I'm glad the move went well and I can't wait to see photos of your new house!

Helen Tilbury said...

Looks like a lovely little album! Yay you are all moved now!! Hope you manage to get some wardrobes - nothing worse than having not enough storage!!

KraftyKaren said...

Good luck in your new home.

Wow that is a lovely little album and looks very manageable - I seem to have not seen anything about the Misc.Me range.

Erin Blegen said...

Congrats on the move! Have fun settling in :)

What a great album~!!


Louise said...

warmest wishes for you all in your new home. Hope you manage to get sorted soon x loving the look of your album x

Cindy Gay said...

Great job with the yearbook. Love your hair! Congratulations on the new home. Very exciting!

Lisa said...

Hope you can sort out all you have... I remember the no cupboards stage at our home in between the kitchen being done... what a nightmare!! Glad you are happy to be South again and hope the schools get sorted soon..

Miss our chats
Much love to all at Chez McD!!

Angelfish said...

I've not heard of this product range, but love what you've done with it.
Hope you settle in and find space for everything soon.

Fi xx

Julia said...

This Album looks great Carin. A much simpler version of project life and it will be a great year to look back on with the move and all :)