Thursday, 16 April 2009

A start!

Well finally I have started a blog. I am sure I will probably not post as often as I would like to but I have been saying I must start one for a couple of years now. I wanted this blog for my own records of our life and for distant family to be able to view up to date photos and happenings of our lives, so I will try to keep it as up to date as possible. I will start with a few Easter photos from this weekend.

The kids were actually up just after 5am and we lay with them for ages to try and get them back to sleep, especially as the Easter bunny had not come yet! I don't think any of them actually went back to sleep but luckily for them the bunny came even though they were awake, he must have just been really quiet! We made them lie there until after 6 some time and then spent the rest of the day half dead because we were so tired, and we had gone to bed after 12am! There was much excitement during the hunt and we kept having to tell them to be a bit quieter because all the normal people were probably still asleep! Of course they got way to many Easter eggs as usual and had a chocolate overload!

Followed by some photos of our trip over the weekend to the Huddersfield Canal. The kids did a 'Easter egg hunt' where they had to run around the place and find pictures of Easter eggs with letters on to spell out an animal found at the canal and they could then get an Easter egg (free, except you have to pay a pound for the egg, and how do you tell a child you can't have the egg at the end!). They had great fun doing the hunt though and found a chicken!

We were supposed to go on a half hour trip down the canal but after we had bought the tickets and waited half an hour, they remembered that they had actually booked the whole boat out to a tour group. We could either have a refund or wait another hour for the next boat. We did not feel like waiting around so we got a refund and took the little taxi boat back to the parking which was a 15 minute trip anyway. The kids loved it as the people who ran the boat took a shining to them and allowed them to sit up front, outside, while everyone else had to sit inside. I am sure the other poor kids on the boat were not impressed!

We then went to another country park not to far from us.
Very pretty but not nearly as nice as the ones closest to us. We just walked around a bit, stopped and got some ice-creams and went and visited their special garden where the kids looked for newts in the little pond but no luck!

One of my favourite things about living in the UK is how beautiful spring is. I totally adore the blossoms, I find it totally amazing to see a tree completely covered in flowers with no or hardly any leaves! Of course there are the gorgeous Daffodils, crocus and snowdrops I just love the bright clumps of colour everywhere, and since there are quite a few farms and open fields near us, there are just loads around at the moment! Here are a couple of photos from our outing this weekend with some signs of spring!

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