Monday, 3 August 2009

I did say I would probably not be very good at updating this didn't I? Ok, well how about very bad at updating this. I will try harder! Here are just some random photos from the last couple of months!

Megan, the kids and their new puppy came to visit after driving up North to fetch the new puppy. Which was great as we have not seen each other for a couple of years! Of course the kids were in seventh heaven with a puppy around and you could not get them away from it!

A couple of pics of Christopher, he had to go dressed up as a clown to school for a clown workshop day they had near the end of term where they learnt to juggle etc. Of course the day was huge hit with the kids (even the teachers dressed up!). The other photo I just had to take as he was just so cute taking his doggy for a ride on his scooter, you could just eat them sometimes!

It is school holidays right now and being the typical British summer holidays it has rained almost every day of the holidays so far! We have not got to do much so far due to the rain so the kids have just ended up with friends round here most of the time and driving me up the wall with them all in the house! So with the rain we have done some movie watching with popcorn and other munchies and of course the kids favourite 'Treasure hunts' where I hide various clues around the house and each one leads to the next one until they eventually get a surprise at the end. The sun was actually shining today so as we took the car in to the garage this morning they took advantage and decorated the driveway! I just love Christopher's T-rex and Kierans eagle with a tu-tu and legs (which was supposed to be a piranha!)

We did have some sun before the school holidays of course luckily while Paul's mom was over from SA so we did get to have a few days out including to some country parks, we also went to the local canal for a boat ride and to the Museum for Science and Technology in Manchester which the kids really enjoyed, especially the puzzle room.

I have been so bad and have not done any scrapping for about 3 months now but made myself start a layout the other day, will hopefully finish it tonight and then will upload it and hopefully that will get me back into scrapping mode again!

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