Sunday, 16 August 2009

Scrapping and food!

Yay, another scrapbook page! I am definitely back into it and can't wait to do another one. This is a dreadful photo because it is overcast and dreary outside as it seems to be most of the time at the moment, UK summers! I will try and replace it with a better one once I get some decent light.

I am even putting some close ups in this time like I have seen on other blogs. I always like to see the close ups so thought I would try it too!

Kieran has recently decided that he loves Michael Jackson, he has liked him for a little while but it increased dramatically after Michael Jackson died. Him and his Friends did a Michael Jackson concert at school which they called 'Thriller Live', it was so cute, they made posters to put up at the school and I had to print out song lyrics so they could practice them. His teacher said it was wonderful because it kept them all out of trouble! He recently bought a book on Michael Jackson with his pocket money and then he used his savings to buy the 'History' CD. We ordered it from and usually when we order from there it arrives within 1 or 2 days but of course because he was desperate it took a week! So this is him sitting outside on the pavement waiting for the postman on the day it finally arrived. We had just got back from the library where they were doing the holiday book challenge ( they were making Fantasy books ) it was about 12:00 and the postman usually comes at about lunch time so he went straight back out to wait for him (luck for the postman he actually had it that day!). I don't know where he got his impatience from..;)

This is Christopher waiting with him while munching on his wheat-free banana muffin, he loves eating them and helping make them!

Speaking of yummy things, after doing the kids lunch today I had to take a photo because it just looked so delicious, Paul now thinks I am completely
loony! I just loved all the colours though! They had
apple flavour rice cakes with sliced apples and cheese on (one of their favourites), a mini cupcake, fruit (the one with the blueberries is Kieran's of course!), cheese strings and mini sausages and then some left over Parmesan chicken goujons from supper last night. This was the first time I have made them, it was a Rachel Allen recipe an I just made it with wheat free flour and bread crumbs. They were really divine, even Kieran who doesn't eat much meat went back for seconds (of course I did put double the Parmesan in...). I will definitely be making those again.

There is a great competition to win a shopping spree and some loverly flowers here courtesy of Scrapbook Outlet Online!

I suppose I had better go and get the kids into bed and hopefully I will be able to get some more scrapping done later if I am not too tired......

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Pat said...

So glad I will be there soon to eat some of the delicious food you make :-) xxx