Sunday, 9 August 2009

Another scrap page!

I actually managed to fit a bit of scrapping time in this weekend and managed to do a page! I thought I had better do one of the school ones seeing as I am so behind on them, this is year 1 and Kieran goes to year 5 in September! A quick simple one but I really enjoyed doing it so that definitely makes me want to scrapbook some more. The "need to scrapbook" urge is back now so hopefully I will be doing some more pages soon!

Paul took off a couple of days this week so we went to go and see 2 movies this week. We went to go and see Harry Potter as a special treat on Thursday, Kieran and me really enjoyed it but I don't think Paul and Christopher were that mad over it. Then on Saturday we went to one of the Kids movie specials that we go to quite often (because they are so cheap and the kids love them) and watched Monsters versus Aliens. That was a hit with everyone, especially Christopher but the theater was so packed we had to split up and our seats were terrible (teach us to get there earlier next time!). We have also been enjoying finally having some sunshine and have been going to the park, playing cricket and the kids have spent loads of time out on their scooters and things making the most of it before the rain comes back! I will get some photos and put them up in a couple of days.

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