Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Finally a layout!

So as I said, I have not scrapbooked for months, so to get back into it I used a sketch by Patti Hutchinson ( www.phutchsketches.blogspot.com). Great sketch but I still had a hard time getting my mojo going again and the layout took days and still turned out naff! I was quite lost and kind of sticking things on for the sake of it....but it is a start and hopefully now that I have completed one my mojo will return!! (please, please, please!)
I have been reading my Twilight books for the third time and loving them just as much as the first time! I read a lot of books and it is very unusual for me to read a book more than once but I just can't seem to get enough of these. I can't wait until Stephenie Meyer writes some more books! I have been trying to go really slowly and enjoy the experience instead of rushing through all 4 books in 4 days again, so I have been forcing myself to put them down and get on with what I should be doing and reading a book or two in between each book. I have just finished Eclipse and am reading something else to hold off on the final book but I am just dying to get stuck into Breaking Dawn so am speeding through it. Here they are, kept near my bed where I can see them often. I got all the hardbacks as I plan to have them for a long time, except for the first one that I already had in softback and I didn't want to give up the movie cover anyway. I will probably get that one in hardcover eventually though. I have also seen the movie numerous times too, I won't say how many.....;)

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