Monday, 1 March 2010

Flower Pot Men!

I have just finished another layout with some gorgeous October Afternoon papers. This is one I have been wanting to do for ages now, it turned out nothing like I originally imagined it but I like it anyway. It is another double of course because I have serious problems deciding what photos to use for a layout as I love them all! The fact that I take so many doesn't help of course, there were 48 photos for this one little play session (though not my fault this time!) and I probably had 20 of them printed and then had to narrow that down as to which ones to scrap. Not an easy task for me!

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I saw this layered flower in the Creating Keepsakes a couple of months ago and really wanted to try them so had a play and added it to this layout. I couldn't resist and did sneak a little bit of glitter glue onto the butterflies ;)

I have wanted to learn how to crochet for years now and decided the other day that I was going to finally learn how to do it. I got some books out of the library and bought myself a hook and a couple of balls of wool and started playing. This is just little pieces I have been practising with....ahem, the blue and brown item is supposed to be a 5 petal 'flower' but I somehow ran out of space and it is now a 3 leaf clover! I think I have a problem seeing where each chain is so I miss a few! The top right item was supposed to have been a heart but that went very wrong and I gave up on it. Paul says maybe I am just not meant to crochet and I should find something else to try! I told him to stop being rude, I have only been doing it for 2 days so I am sure I will improve! Here's hoping anyway... So for now I am going to just persevere and do a few squares and learn all the stitches and how to read all the goggledygook abbreviations!

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