Friday, 23 July 2010

Teachers Gifts!

Yay it is finally the end of the school year and the summer holidays have started! :)  I always love the summer holidays, 6 weeks of no school and having the kids home, no having to wake up early and chase the kids around to get ready in the morning.  In fact my youngest will usually still crawl into bed and cuddle in the mornings! :)

Things have been hectic with end of term things and all sorts of other things and I have been running around like crazy so I don't have scrapping to show you so thought I would share the little teachers gifts I made.

I have made various teachers gifts over the years but due to lack of time this year they just got a simple one of some home made fudge in a little gift box.  They know the fudge because I often make it as one of their  Christmas presents, the one teaching assistant that Christopher has had for 2 years is always really excited when there is fudge because she loves it so much. :)

I got the instructions for making the little boxes up here at Split Coast Stampers, they have some really nice things there to make!

I kept the boxes pretty simple as I only started making them the evening before so I was a bit rushed!
The green one was for the one male teacher we gave to, I didn't think the butterfly would go down all that well lol!

The main teachers also got a really cute little quote book that the kids chose for them and then we got the receptionist who is the sweetest person ever some flowers and some wine for the caretaker who has helped out with loads of Kieran's activities this year.:)

I thought I would share the inside of one of Christopher's cards as they were just so cute!  He just loves puffles from Club Penguin at the moment and draws them endlessly (definitely his Mommy's child, they even said on his report that he shows a particular talent for drawing!) so he drew a little on for each teacher.  I don't know why his writing is so untidy in this because he is normally very neat, maybe because he was doing them in a rush in bed lol.

I will have to translate!  This one was for his teaching assistant.  Thank you for helping me at every thing Mrs Hadin.  You've helped me at lot of things in year 2 and you are very kind and helpful!  Thank you.   The puffle is saying You're a great helper!   Isn't that the cutest!  He said more or less the same thing for his main teacher except that he said she was a great teacher and she taught them how to do lots of things like landscape drawings!

Hopefully I will get some time to do some crafting in the next few days!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....your son's card is soooooooooooooo precious! LOVE it!! And those boxes that you made for the fudge....they are GORGEOUS!!! And ohhhhhhhhhhhh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to fudge!! I don't blame the teacher for being all excited for it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lisa said...

Very cute and the fudge sounds fab! loving those boxes and the punches look great too!!! I want them but should I get them???


Sarah said...

So pretty and I love the butterflies :-)

Crystal said...

AWWW how cute of your son......AWWWWWW those are just things you cherish you know!!! Your teacher gifts are WONDERFUL, LOVE this design of these bags and that beautiful ribbon!!!! They will LOVVVVEEEEE these for sure!!!

Scrappin' Sam said...

those are lovely, lots of hard work and thought. I'm sure the teachers loved them. Sophs and me made her teacher an exploding box and he really appreciated it and told Sophs his wife makes cards too! Have a great summer x

Alison said...

So sweet! Love your son's sentiment on the card, and the boxes are pretty darn cute too. Great idea.

LG said...

this is brilliant! Very sweet teachers gift. Love your son's card

KraftyKaren said...

I bet they loved those gifts - those boxes are so pretty and I am impressed that this is what you rustled up as you were short on time - mine would have been in a plain paper bag LOL!!!!!