Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Retreat Layouts and Photos

I finally managed to get some photos of my layouts from my scrappy weekend away but then just ran out of time to actually upload them!  So let me just warn you this is a VERY picture heavy post!  First off here are some photos from the weekend.  I had a wonderful time and what a fantastic bunch of ladies, they are all so friendly and had me in fits of hysteria a good few times!  We went to a wonderful little farm retreat in Scotland called Lochouse Farm and it was brilliant!.  Fab little cottages and 3 really yummy, big meals a day for an amazing price!  This is a picture of the back of the two cottages.

This was our scrapping room which is separate from the cottages and has a little kitchen, bathroom and another area upstairs.

The lovely Dee, Lesley and Suzy!

Heather (who I just love to bits) and Shirley.

My wonderful friend Lisa who stopped at my house on the way and I then drove up with her.  I actually got this photo and a couple of others from Shirley and although I have a couple other ones of Lisa, I just love this photo so I had to use this one :)

Shirley even managed to sneak a photo of me and that doesn't happen very often!

And here is one of me and Lisa together that I nicked from Lisa!

I had to put this other one of Shirley's up as it shows a bit of the laughter that happened!

Unfortunately when I took my photos Jules and Pam were out for a couple of hours so they are not in them but they are in this photo of us at the breakfast table!

And I let Lisa take a photo of me in our cottage, don't you just love the colour coordination happening in my outfit?  This would be because the car was sooo packed full of craft things I decided to take as little clothes as possible and only one pair of shoes and this is my most comfortable pair so these are the ones that came with and got worn with everything! :)

Ok now on to the layouts!  I was very proud of myself because I managed to do 3 layouts, which may not be a lot to most scrapbookers for a whole weekend but for me that is a lot as I am such a slow scrapbooker!  It also beats my last record of a whole 1 from the last scrappy weekend I went on!  I decided to use up some of my older papers so I grabbed a couple of my old Scraproom kits and used those up!

I used lisa's dies and masks on this one!

And after doing this layout I so need to buy this Cherish punch around the page set I borrowed from Lesley!  I am so happy I have finally done this layout as I have been wantin to document christophers ear habit for ages!  I will be going into more detail on another project I am going to be doing, I just need to find the time to do it and then I will share my plans! :)

I am afraid I can't remember any of the paper ranges or manufacturers for that matter and I silly me packed it all away and it is way to late to go hunting for it now!

I definitely can't wait until my next scrappy weekend away in March now! :)


Louise said...

a very productive weekend by the looks of it....great layouts and i had to smile when i got to the ear one. my nephew is exactly the same....and it doesn't matter who's ear it is!!

Cindy Gay said...

You're just adorable too! Love the first bike layout. Great borders and photo sequence.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love love love the photos and the lo's!! GORGEOUS as always! You AMAZE me! :):):):):):):):):):):)

alexa said...

Lovely to read about such a fun-filled and productive time! I really like that top LO in particular - the cogs are a perfect addition. :)

lisa said...

Love all your photos Carin. Looks like you had a fab time. Beautiful pages you created. Isn't it fun scrapping with others?! : )

Cindy Gay said...

Nice to hear from you Carin. The paper in my "Solo" layout was a Basic Grey Doilie! (didn't have to do a not of cutting!) Hope you're having a great day! Cindy

Kim Sonksen said...

Look at you girl - you look super cute in these picture (not that you are normally not cute...ah well, I am sure you know what I am trying to say...hehe)

LOVE the layouts - First Bike is my absolute fave, but Ear for you has my in stitches :)

My simple life said...

love all the pictures and layouts. :) craft superstore have an offer on the cherish punch atm. :)

Home sweet home said...

Wow,gorgeous layouts, love it.:)