Friday, 7 June 2013

Life in our New Home

Still busy, busy, busy here but just thought I would put up a quick post with some photos from the last couple of weeks from our new area.  First up these were taken on our walk down to the beach one day.  These horses are from the fields across the road from our house and they are so gorgeous!  I love seeing them everyday.  There are horses in a few different fields and there is this one horse who is by himself and he is so cute because he is just so nosey!  They had some people doing roadworks right by the corner of his field and every time we went out I saw him standing at the corner of the fence with his head hanging over watching what the work men were doing.  I wish I had of had a camera with and taken a photo but strangely enough I don't have any photos of him.  But I do have of these two beauties...

This is the country lane we walk down to get to the beach, it is such a beautiful walk!  I just love the fact that whenever I drop behind when we are out to take a photo of everyone Christopher always turns around and waves at me.  Sooo cute!
 This is the beach close to our house although it is not really a swimming beach but lovely for some nice long walks! (Note Christopher is waving again!)
On the walk to the beach you have to walk through a field that actually has cows in it!  They are calves so not that bug but it was sooo funny because I am not sure who was more scared to walk past each other the kids or the calves!  The kids were right up against the fence and the calves kept backing up, the farmer thought is was hysterical!
They are so cute :)
Now our garden..... I just love our new garden, I think our front garden and drive is the same size as our old back garden lol  The best part is it has this beautiful big blossom tree!  I am not sure what it is as I don't think it is a Cherry Blossom tree unless you get different varieties of it but I don't care I love any tree that gets covered in blossoms int the spring!

Ok you can't see it by these pictures but the back garden is huge, the kids are in seventh heaven with being able to run and play and be able to kick a ball without it going over the wall every two seconds!  We even bought a bigger trampoline as the old one was showing lots of wear and tear and the kids loved helping their Dad set it up.

But they had more fun playing with the trampoline box for 2 hours!

 A nice big garden is also the perfect place to set up your own obstacle course :)  This is Christopher's baby and he spent ages playing on it, he was a bright red tomato by the time he had finished.      

We have been lucky enough to have fantastic weather since we have been here too and the most amazing sunsets!
We have been down to town and the beachfront a few times.  The town is so quaint and pretty, a typical seaside town and it is so busy!  The beach front has been packed with the nice weather and a bank holiday weekend too.  I just love the beachfront they have volleyball, donkey rides, Punch and Judy, pedalos and all sorts of other fun things going on.  This shot was taken before lunch time, it was even more busy later on and I didn't even think it was warm enough to swim!

 I just had to include this picture of K on a ride at the fair.  He has been on loads of these things but this is the biggest one so far and he enjoyed it as is evident by the face!

Kieran is settling well into his new cricket team and has already played three matches.

So no pictures of the actual house, I just went through what I have taken and added from there but I am loving the house too.  It is smaller than our old one but is lovely and light with lots of big windows and a huge conservatory that I am loving because it is so warm and bright!  It has been 5 years since we had a conservatory and I had forgotten how nice and warm they are (until winter comes anyway...).

Well that is it for today but I will put a post up tomorrow or on Sunday with some actual crafting!  Oh yes before I go... have you seen that Bo Bunny is having a design team call?  Let me tell you this is a totally awesome team to be on.  Bo Bunny products are wonderful and they are extremely generous and Kris who is the design team co-ordinator is so cute and funny and really sweet.  So if you would like to apply you had better hurry as there is just over a week left to apply!  Good luck! :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love the photos!! Looks like an amazing place to live!!

Louise said...

Hi Carin - glad the move went well. Your new place looks lovely...had to smile at your boys playing with the box, typical! Have fun x

Angelfish said...

It looks like it was definitely the right move for you all :o) I'm very envious of you being so close to the sea! It's funny to think that we now live at opposite ends of the same county.

Fi xx

Alison said...

Fabulous photos Carin and how lovely and sunny it all is - and even more, how wonderful to be so close to the beach! Already looks like the right move to me! Hope you're all very happy there. x

My simple life said...

What an amazing place to live! Lucky you :) Great photos

Helen Tilbury said...

I am so happy for you Carin! It looks like such a wonderful place to live!!