Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fathers day Card and Layout....

I went on Wednesday to make a fathers day card for Paul and pulled out some Crate paper Hampton that I had left over from some old layouts thinking it would be perfect for a fathers day card but ended up getting completely distracted by how nicely it went with a photo of Paul that I had on my desk!  So of course I couldn't resist and ended up doing a layout instead.....

It also made it tie in with the weekly challenge on UKS which was to...
  • Scrap someone you love (PAUL!)
  • Use 2 of the following something old/new/borrowed/blue (Crate paper, an oldie but a classic and it has blue!)
  • Paint or ink on your layout (done both)
  • Journal (that counts as journalling to me!) anyway I only got around to actually making the fathers day card today (Nothing like leaving things to the last minute!) and used some of the same elements from the layout ;)    This is just from me to Paul as the kids have made their own cards at school already and they also chose one at the shops for him.

Just had to show you the beautiful little bracelet that I bought the other day from Asda, it was on sale so was only £2.  I generally don't wear much jewellery but couldn't resist this as it was just so pretty!

I also have to share my new nail colour that I got!  Hmmm I am normally pretty conservative with my colours but have just been loving all the strange colours that have been around for a while so this was on sale so I had to get it....I am not sure if I love it or hate it lol!  Actually it is really pretty in real life and makes me feel very summery and that can only be a good thing so I would say I like it!

Lastly let me leave you with a photo of the totally yummy peanut butter cookies I made on Thursday, that I can't stop eating!.  I am making all sorts at the moment as I am trying to eat healthy (not that peanut butter cookies are necessarily all that healthy but at least there are no additives!).  There are 2 different colours as some of us like them crispier and some of us like them chewier!   Tonight I made the most divine sweetcorn and red onion cakes with and Avocado salsa on top,  I will definitely be making those again as they were fab and I have some over for my lunch tomorrow!


Crystal said...

First I have to say WOWWWW on the nail color..I really like it!! We have lots of fun colors here too they are so fun and vibrant!!! :) Paul will LOVE that page wow the layout is wonderful, and love the masculine colors!! The matching card is PERFECT!!!!

KraftyKaren said...

Fab layout Carin - I have a whole pack of that paper virtually untouched that I won in a raffle a couple of years ago ..... maybe I need to dig it out again and have a go at using it.

Love that nail polish - I have always been very bold with my nails - I love having bright zany nails but have never had green before - but last week I ordered a nice olive green polish as apparently it is the in-vogue colour this summer - so you are bang on trend Carin.

Hmmm cookies - I have a recipe for those, maybe once I am a lady of leisure I will get doing loads of baking again.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeee that lo and that card!! I loveeeeeeeeee that stitching and all the circles!!! And loving that bracelet and that nail color too!! IT ROCKS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)